Illustrated Advent day 13

Well I dropped the ball a bit with Illustrated Advent this week because I am having serious creative block and just couldn’t feel inspired to get it together!

Well today I decided to turn things a round a bit and felt that I needed to spice up my project to make it interesting for myself to create for!

This week on the advent I have grouped the icons into the theme of baking. I love to bake (nothing complicated) and Christmas is a time when I let myself go a bit baking mental and usually have a week long bake off with myself in the kitchen…as a Christmas treat to myself to indulge in my fave past time.

I love baking I find it a real stress re-leaver as I am involved in the process it can be quite meditative! However, as I am constantly on a diet baking is also my downfall, so I have been avoiding it as much as possible lately to battle the bulge…so it’s a bit of win/loose situation unless I can find someone to feed my bakes too!

If there is a special occasion I use it as an excuse to bake and not worry about eating it all. Last year for my husband’s birthday I developed an old recipe for Italian apple cake into a celebration version ‘Spiced Toffee Apple mini bunt cakes’. Where I bake a few small bunts and sandwiched them together with toffee frosting and drizzle with more toffee adding edible glitter and sparkles for a festive effect.


SO today I learnt (from watching Simply Nigella) that bunt cakes are popular at Christmas in some parts of the world. I thought that this was the perfect excuse to try and create an illustration for the website ‘They Draw & Cook’  something that I have wanted to do for a long time as the idea of combing my love of baking with my love of drawing really appeals.

So this is my recipe illustration that I have just submitted and I might just have to whip up a ‘Spiced Toffee Apple mini bunt cake’ for next week as a special treat!


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