Showcase Greetings

Before Christmas I was working on some designs with my agent at The Paintbox in collaboration with Showcase Greetings. They will be showing at PG Live in the summer but they are available to order for retail now!

Here are some of my designs for the collection:

PAI50-023--sympathy-butterfly_thumb PAI90-024--get-well-pink-floral_thumbPAI90-001--wedding_thumb PAI90-002--wedding_thumb      PAI90-020--30th-anniversary_thumb PAI90-021--10th-anniversary_thumb PAI90-022--silver-anniversary_thumb  PAI90-033--sister-shoes_thumbPAI90-003-1st-Anniversary-Flutes_thumb PAI90-035--daughter-glam_thumb PAI90-036--Nanna-teacup_thumbPAI90-009-mum-flowers_thumb


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