Make art that sells

enchantment under the seasparkle

I like to try and take online courses to refresh and improve my art and illustrations skills and to gain new information about surface pattern markets that I have sold or work in before and recently I have the opportunity to do part A of the famous Lilla Rogers course Make art that Sells.

Well I really enjoyed this one although it was quite challenging I got to explore new markets such as bolt fabric, children’s book illustration and wall art. I have almost filled a whole sketch book with drawings, notes, illustrations and have played with media that I haven’t picked up since I was in college 10 years ago!

The illustration above is something that I was inspired to doodle in my sketchbook when I was exploring ideas in blue and green it made me think about under the sea and I created this Enchanted Castle illustration just for fun! I printed one out and embellished it with sequins and glitter, something I hope to do with more of my illustrations in the future!

Here is my work from the course:

Bolt fabric designs

Bolt fabric designs

Home decor designs

Home decor designs

Children's book cover illustration

Children’s book cover illustration

Wall art

Wall art

Gift collection

Gift collection


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