Happy New Year

calendar 2014Happy year everyone, a little belated because the first week of this new year hasn’t quite gone how I planned (well I haven’t done much planning yet which I had planned to do ha ha).

Over the Christmas break I enjoyed lots of rest and relaxation (and food) with my husband, hoping to re-charge the batteries for full steam ahead into the new year. I really want to be much more productive in terms of creating new art for my ranges and just generally more creative. My moto for this year is ‘fitter, happier, more productive’. I lost a bit of weight last year and want to keep going to the gym and be full of energy which will make me work even more. I am always trying to get the perfect balance of work, life and creativity. I hope to find great new companies to work with and interesting projects to get my creative juices going.

Before the break I spotted an interesting project on the Creative Leicestershire bulletin regarding product proposals for the King Richard the Third visitor centre, which is to be opening later in the year. I really wanted to be part of something so historically important and I love things to do with British heritage, museums and historic places so it was something I had to give a go…however I forgot that the submission deadline was the 3rd of January so as soon as I got back to my desk on 2nd of January I had to work on my proposal. I had planned to spend the first 2 working days cleaning, organizing and planning out my goals for the year…which I still need to do.

I was pleased to discover today that I have been selected to go to the second stage of the process and present my product proposal to a panel for discussion. I am very nervous but really looking forward to such a good opportunity. Here is a sneak peek from my hand drawn illustrations for the product proposal:


Then I got distracted by making a start to my online shop. I would really like to have some stockists this year for my greetings cards and other Spellbound products that I am developing. So I launched a shop early so that I have a point of call for people to view my products. After the success of my first art fair before Christmas I have now signed up for SOCK fair in Loughborough, another opportunity to showcase my work and get direct feedback on my work. My full range of greetings cards are now available on my website SuzySpellbound.com


I had an inquiry for one of my hand painted scarves last week so I was sourcing new stock, fabrics and producing motifs to develop a new batch of scarves. I absolutely love hand painting scarves its a process I really enjoy, however I think I might have to look into getting my hand painted design printed as the process is too time consuming to be profitable and I really want to work on new and exciting artworks and commissions. So sadly this one might be the last one that I actually hand paint, but it was great to go through the process to develop a product which I feel connected with!


In between all that I have also been working on freelance briefs and new art for my greetings agent. Another part of getting more productive this year involves being more inspired and getting out and about seeing new things and meeting up with other creatives who inspire and motivate me! So I booked a last minute trip to London to see many of the design/craft/artist people that I know are exhibiting there. We spent the whole of Saturday walking around Chelsea and all the way up to Knightsbridge, where we popped into a very large, famous department store where I finally got to see some designs that I was commissioned for a few years back, they had sent me samples but it was great to see them in store at last. And the design banner at the top of the display in gold is also from my illustrations, which my husband spotted 😉

So this year is off to a bit of crazy start, not quite what I had planned and still need to do some planning for the rest of the year. But as its still only the second full working week of the year I guess I still have time?

Suzy x


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