Looking Forward

Can’t believe its November already! Normally quite a quiet time for me in the run up to the end of the year I end up evaluating…well my whole life but particularly my work!

This year for me had been about getting out there and making more waves in my local creative community! So I have signed up and gone for pretty much everything that I have come across that is withing reach! This has included being part of my first exhibition within a local gallery, giving talks at the National Craft and Design centre in Sleaford and at the Designer Forum in Nottingham and finally for my last burst of energy for the end of the year I am doing a Christmas market at the end of this month, also at the NCCD to show off the fruit of this labor. 

Considering up until the end of last week I didn’t know I was doing this I have put into work an awful lot of products in a very short time! So lots of exciting things to share shortly! I am basically doing all the things I have considered producing and show casing them at Sleaford at the end of the month to get feedback! Along with the fabric canvases I produced in August I will be selling a whole variety of paper and textile gift products featuring my designs and hand finished with embroidery and embellishments to add a touch of Spellbound magic!

So wish me luck for another first this year! I am also making major changes with my freelance practice and hope for a busy new year! 😉

These are the photos I submitted to the Design Factory to apply for my stall at the NCCD




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