Autumn Equinox

Well its quite a bit past the equinox now we are well and truly into Autumn here with the weather to match. This weekend was my wedding anniversary so we took a rare but well deserved and needed long weekend trip down south to Somerset. While we did enjoy some beautiful weather on Saturday there was quite a bit of rain, wind and cold! But we don’t mind we love this season, hence why we got married this time of year!

So making the most of the blue skies on Saturday we took a tour of the Bishop’s Palace in Wells. A beautiful building and gardens with a long, long history dating back as early as 700AD I think! Fascinating stories on the history of the Church and country! This was prime inspiration for Spellbound designs as I love history and nostalgia, the past influencing the present to create designs for the future!

We also made a little stop off on the way home to Glastonbury town. It has a great vibe, the people are lovely and friendly and lots of interesting book shops to browse when its raining and little cafe’s with cakes and vegetarian food…including a falafel bar! I feel its my spiritual home!

Here are a couple of inspiring pics from my trip!

Peace be with you 😉




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