Gift Product Continue

As a follow up to last week’s post on gift and beauty patterns for product I have added a few little extra ideas to the collection. I am also thinking of what kind of products I would like to produce if I had a range and I would want Spellbound products to bring a little touch of magic so candles and notebooks would make great additions to a gift range!

I thought it would be nice to do a matching scented and with the title collection of ‘Midnight Garden’ it would be perfect to include a nice floral scent maybe with a hint of something mystical.

I also had a spare blank canvas tote which I have printed with the birds image, could be a gift bag or a book bag.

And finally a couple of ‘Spell books’ for all those secret recipes and power thoughts 😉

It will be October next week so a wonderful time to celebrate everything magical!

Have an enchanting weekend!

Suzy Spellbound


Expanding the range with books and candles.



A special gift bag with ribbon.


The light was fading as I was taking these pics but I think it enhances the mystical charm!Image


A choice of special little notebooks for your most secret thoughts and ideas.




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