The Midnight garden collection

I have been busy over the past couple of months creating artwork for a local showcase that I was invited to take part in. The showcase aims to promote the work of local creative business in the Hinckley area. I decided to take the opportunity to be involved in order to become more visible and active within the local creative community and hopefully make some new contacts that will lead to further opportunities to exhibit in the future.

I spent about a week or so creating original artworks inspired by the theme ‘Midnight Garden’. I was really drawn to this theme from the blog hop and felt that the magical feel really connected with my brand handwriting.

After I completed the illustrations I went to a local screen printer where I had the designs printed via sublimation heat transfer. It was very exciting to see my samples come back and a great opportunity to trail some of my personal designs on fabric.

This past week I have spent hours, embroidering and embellishing the designs by hand. As I wanted them to have a magical ‘touch’ and I felt that as most of the processes used had been digital it was nice to bring it back to a hand crafted medium. My art usually begins with hand drawn and painted sketches which I scan in and manipulate using computer software! So it was the idea that they would come full circle to reach the finished result.

Anyway exhibiting in public is a first for me since I graduated 10 years ago and am very nervous about what (if any) feedback I will get and hope to meet some new and interesting people that can open doors for my in this new sector!


Getting the fabrics back from the printer was very exciting and I was really pleased with the result and keen to get on and make them into finished artworks!



I have created some 3D butterflies with embroidered wire, as well as selecting elements to highlight with stitch and embellishment to add that Spellbound ‘magic’ touch.







I have mounted the finished pieces on wooden frames and canvas for display in the gallery next week!









If you are local to the area it would be great if you would pop into The Atkins Building in Hinckley and show your support for local independent creative business! Thank you!

Suzy x



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