The Queen wins BETA jubilee comp!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your support for my design in the recent BETA jubilee design comp as I am delighted to announce that my design was chosen as one of the 3 winners and will soon be available to purchase on the Topshop website! The BETA design project was important to me as an opportunity to produce a creative, self directed design in my illustrative handwriting and thanks to you this is now available to purchase in a high street shop! I hope to do more designs of this ilk and maybe enter other competitions in future…watch this space!!!!!Image


5 thoughts on “The Queen wins BETA jubilee comp!

  1. Hi Suzanne .. I am so pleased for you! That is a gorgeous design and you deserve it! What will the design be on for Topshop . a scarf ? I would love to buy whatever it is. Collectors item of the future plus I just love the design x

    • Hi Sharon! The design will shortly be available to purchase as a 100% silk scarf on Top Shop and Beta design website! Which is nice, makes a change from polyester! Dry clean only though, ha ha!

  2. Well done, Zanny, so much detail and work went into your design, so your win is well deserved.

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